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Setting Those Stormy Expectations

7/26/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Setting Those Stormy Expectations Storm Waters can cause flooding in your Maryland neighborhood

If your home suffered damage as a result of a storm in Towson, MD, complete and accurate restoration is your overall end goal. Storm restoration can only be achieved after you assess water damage, tear out appropriate items and reconstruct as necessary. It is critical to manage your expectations of damages. Understanding the process involved can minimize your storm stresses.

1. Extraction of Water

Begin water extraction by making sure it is safe to be inside your property. Opening doors and windows allows pooled water to drain. Mop saturated areas and blot floors and walls with towels and other dry materials. Move wet furniture and articles into the driest spaces available and turn the air on in your house (blasting the air conditioning in summer or heat during winter).

2. Tear Out of Wet Materials

Removing wet materials from your home in a timely manner is crucial. Mold quickly begins to form on items that are not dried, removed or torn from their location. Extremely damaged carpets or drywall should be removed, though take care not to tear any loadbearing structures from your home without seeking a professional opinion.

3. Drying of Structures

Dry and dehumidify structures as soon as possible. Ceiling fans and box fans can be utilized to dry open areas of the home. Certain areas of your property are harder to access; however, restoration service professionals should have advanced methods, including industrial fans and treatments, to reach these areas and shorten the drying process.

4. Restoration

The last and final step of restoration varies in scope. Occasionally only some drywall and furniture will need to be replaced, while other instances may require expansive rebuilding and landscaping.

Dealing with a storm and its aftermath can be a tricky, cumbersome experience logistically and emotionally. It is important for homeowners in Towson, MD, to know what to expect as they deal with the cleanup process. Remember before, during and after the storm that you have four basic steps to complete in order to restore your home to its previous glory: extract, tear out, dry, restore.

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How To Prevent Grill Fires

7/23/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How To Prevent Grill Fires Proper grill maintenance is key to preventing future fires during cooking

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 9,600 home fires are started from grills each year. The leading cause of those grill fires was that the grills had not been properly cleaned. It doesn't matter if your grill is gas, charcoal or a smoker, all grills need cleaned just as you already clean your stovetop in Towson, MD to prevent a grease fire. Take this fire safety precaution and learn the art of grill cleaning. Here is how:

Turn off gas. Close the valve and move the propane tank away from the area. Begin grill cleaning when the grill has cooled to just warm.

Wipe the outside. Just use soapy water and a cotton cloth.

Clean cooking grates. When cool enough to touch, start brushing the bars with a wire brush, then remove them and place in soapy water.

Empty the catch pan. For gas grills, empty the drip pan. For charcoal grills, you simply lift the charcoal grate and rotate the bottom mechanism to dump ash into the catch pan. Empty the ash catch pan. If ash is still hot, store in a metal covered pail.

Clean the cook box of the grill. Grill cleaning the interior of a gas grill includes burner tubes and heat deflectors. For either grill, you can scrape carbon and grease build-up from the interior of the grill with a wire brush and scrub with soapy water.

Reassemble your grill and enjoy safe use. Keep the grill a safe distance from the house when in operation and never leave the grill unattended while food is cooking.

Another important fire safety precaution is to keep children away from grills. Declare a three-foot area around the grill to be a no-kid zone and stay in the area. Proper grill maintenance is the key to preventing structure fires from your grill. If you do have fire damage, at least you can trust restoration specialists to help assess and restore your property to its pre-fire conditions.

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A Claim Against Mold

7/18/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation A Claim Against Mold Bathroom Mold Damage

Mold can grow in any climate, even in Towson, MD. It takes only 48 hours for growth to take root, beginning life unseen and unknown. By the time the fungus is detected, it may have already affected the structure and employees of the business. Because mold damage requires professional expertise and equipment to eradicate it properly, fiscally responsible business owners should look to commercial insurance coverage for assistance.

Covering Mold or Fungus

Whether purchasing a new policy or reviewing an existing one, it is important to note that mold insurance may never be mentioned. Instead, many companies refer only to fungus, broadening the scope to address additional concerns that fall under that category. The following issues are often covered under Limited Fungus Coverage:

• Mold
• Mildew
• Released spores
• Emitted toxins

Getting to the Root of the Policy

It is a good practice for business owners to be personally familiar with the company’s commercial insurance coverage, taking time to sit down with an agent to get a clear understanding of what situations are included. Not every occurrence is honored by the insurance company. Instead, there may be exceptions, which can vary from state to state. Therefore, it is essential to make sure the rules of Towson, MD, meet the needs of the business.

Proactively Ensuring Success

Having a full understanding of the insurance policy helps a business properly execute mold damage remediation, and it also creates an opportunity to explore proactive plans. Long-term leaks that cause fungi to grow are often not covered, so establishing routine maintenance and inspections could save thousands of dollars. It is also common for insurance policies to have a cap on how much will be paid to cover damages. Knowing this dollar limit can help a business budget for extra costs that may arise.

Good policies and good coverage are always desirable. In addition, awareness and aggressive measures make any commercial insurance policy stronger and more effective.

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What to do about drywall water damage

6/28/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage What to do about drywall water damage If your drywall is actually compromised by water, you will need to address the situation before development of mildew or mold takes place.

When you have Baltimore drywall water damage in your home, which often happens after a flood or fire, it is not always necessary to get new drywall. In order to successfully deal with drywall water damage, you will need to follow a series of steps. This kind of damage can vary quite a bit in extent; if the damage is severe, it may be necessary to call a professional for assistance. If your drywall is actually compromised by water, you will need to address the situation before development of mildew or mold takes place. The development of these fungi can present danger to everyone in your home and can lead to even more severe damage.

Detection of Drywall Water Damage
The first thing you should do is assess how much Baltimore water damage has happened within your drywall. This kind of damage shows up as softened or discolored areas within the drywall. If you have just dealt with a house fire, it is probably that any drywall water damage present will be spread all through the home. If the damage is widespread, it will be important that you contact a professional restoration company for help. However, if the damage is more mild or only has an effect on a small number of panels of drywall, you can actually consider replacing the panels yourself, as long as you have experience with drywall and can safely complete this task. It is important that you make sure to hire a professional company in any case where there is extensive damage to the home.

Mildew and Mold As A Consequence of Drywall Water Damage
If the drywall panels are not dried to an adequate extent, the possibility will exist that mildew and mold can start growing. This is a great danger to the inhabitants of any home. If black spots are visible, or if a foul smell starts to emerge from the drywall, you must call a professional right away. These fungi will most often start to grow in cases where there is damp or moist drywall in an area that is poorly ventilated. You can easily see that there is no mildew on the outside of your drywall, but what you may be missing is that the interior may have a high amount of spores. This is a determination that is best left to experienced professionals; you should not try to make this assessment on your own if you do not have the appropriate qualifications.

Actions That You Can Take to Prevent Drywall Water Damage
No matter where the damage is located or how severe it is, it is important that you use machines that can force air to circulate and provide the maximum amount of ventilation, such as dehumidifiers. The standard oscillating house fan will not be capable of moving enough air for the room to be able to dry adequately for safe and sanitary conditions. You will find that there are special machines that move air that you will be able to rent. However, once again, if the damage is extensive enough that these machines are necessary, you should probably contact a professional to make sure that everything is being done correctly. These professional restoration companies will have all of the necessary equipment for the job, as well as the experience needed to use it properly and the expertise to ensure that your home is safe.

When you are dealing with Baltimore drywall water damage, make sure that no additional damage (typically an infestation of mildew and/or mold) occurs. A professional restoration company will have all of the resources to be able to tackle any job that involves drywall water damage. With all of their experience, expertise, and equipment, these professionals will be able to assess which parts of the drywall need to be repaired or replaced. If you want to know more about the process, you should call a professional restoration company.

Why You Need A Cockeysville Water Damage Company

6/28/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Why You Need A Cockeysville Water Damage Company Another advantage of hiring a water damage company is that they can offer high-quality mold and mildew prevention services.

Once a flood or fire damages your residential property, attaining an excellent Cockeysville water damage restoration services is important. This is the case for numerous reasons, including the fact that the restoration process is complicated and requires completion by a team of trained experts. There is a broad range of remediation services that water damage companies can offer to help restore your property. Refer to this quick reference guide to get a basic understanding of how professional remediation specialists can assist you:

Speedy Home Restoration
When your property is impacted by a natural disaster, getting immediate assistance is important. If you do not, your house can suffer from secondary Cockeysville water damage, structural weakening, and serious sanitation issues. Luckily, water damage restoration companies are highly skilled in completing the cleanup, repair, and restoration services with excellence and expediency. By working quickly and efficiently, remediation specialists prevent secondary water damage and help whip your home back into its original state.

Mold and Mildew Growth Prevention
Another advantage of hiring a water damage company is that they can offer high-quality mold and mildew prevention services. These services are important because mold and mildew accumulation can pose serious health risks to you and your family. Additionally, mold growth can cause severe damage to the structure of your property. In the event that water damage specialists find mold growth on your property, they can use industrial cleaners and disinfectants to eradicate the problem quickly. Although some homeowners are inclined to complete this process for themselves, it is best left to professionals who possess the extensive experience and specialized equipment necessary to expedite the process speedily and safely.

Don't Delay: Call SERVPRO Now
When Cockeysville water damage impacts your residential property, the best thing to do is call a company you can trust to offer you cutting edge, efficient restoration services. We are that company. As a team of talented technicians who offer 24/7 emergency assistance and impeccable customer service, we're your first choice when you want to have your home restored with speed and skill. Our fast response helps limit costs, repair damages, and decrease the likelihood of secondary water damage. Additionally, our commitment to excellence has made us industry leaders as well as the preferred vendor for numerous insurance companies. We're ready to restore your property right now, so call us today at (410) 229-0012 to attain a free estimate and consultation.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/Lutherville is strategically located to respond quickly to your water or flood damage event. When a major flooding event occurs, we can call upon our national network of 1,650 SERVPRO Franchises and special Disaster Recovery Teams if we need additional resources or personnel. 

Our expertise in fire damage and water restoration is extensive. SERVPRO utilizes IICRC training as part of our on-going education to stay ahead of the curve. Call us for help. (410) 229-0012

How To Choose a Fire Damage Restoration Company for a Home in Cockeysville

6/28/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How To Choose a Fire Damage Restoration Company for a Home in Cockeysville After the House Fire, Tarps and Boarding

When you find that your property in Cockeysville is subjected to a fire, responding effectively and immediately is important. If you don't take the appropriate course of action, your home could be victimized to not only fire damage, but secondary water damage from the fire extinguishing efforts by the local fire department. Structural weaknesses are always issues along with potential health hazards. A prudent course of action to take during the aftermath of a fire is hiring a fire damage restoration company. Learn more about how to select the company that best fits your needs by reading the following information.

Obtain A Referral from Your Insurance Agent

One strategy you can employ to secure assistance from an experienced fire damage restoration company is to request a referral from your insurance company. This should be your first call once the smoke has settled, your insurance company or agent. Your insurance agency has gained enough industry experience to know which fire damage restoration companies will be able to offer the most efficient, expedient services. An added benefit of following a referral from your provider is that it increases the likelihood that your agent has worked well, in the past, with a company like SERVPRO. We are preferred vendors for over 300 insurance companies, government entities (we did extensive clean up for the Pentagon), and property management companies.  SERVPRO have developed excellent communicative and coordinated cooperation with many insurance adjusters. Our policy of cleaning and restoring, rather than simply replacing fire damaged materials and personal items, saves you money and may help to control your insurance premiums, also.

Do Your Research

The impact to your house from the fire will dictate the degree of restoration required to return your home in Cockeysville to its preloss condition. After the flames are put out, a careful assessment must be made to ascertain the best course of action. The goal is to get you back into your home, if you must vacate during restoration, as soon and as safely as possible. Below is a step by step approach to how SERVPRO executes the fire damage restoration service necessary for a large house fire event.

* Water Removal--post-fire using water pumps, wet vacs, and even mops
* CCIS inventory for all affected items and materials
* Cleaning and wiping of smoke and soot
* HVAC system cleaning
* Debris removal
* Extensive drying utilizing air movers and dehumidifiers
* Sanitize and Odor Removal using various air scrubbers, foggers, and chemicals
* Potential structural rebuild including initial tarping of roof or walls and boarding up for security and safety

Why SERVPRO for Fire Damage Restoration for Your Cockeysville Home.

6/28/2018 (Permalink)

Why Choose SERVPRO?

Once a fire has hit your residential property, your living space may become dangerous. To ensure that the fire damage restoration process is completed quickly and correctly to restore safety and sanitation, you should hire the best fire restoration company on the block. That company is SERVPRO. Here are just a few of the great benefits that we have to offer:

• 24/7 Emergency Services
• Highly Trained Fire, Water, and Mold Remediation Specialists
• Fast Response, Local Company
• Trusted Industry Leader With More Than 1,650 Franchises
• Preferred Vendor For Many Local And National Insurance Companies

Over the years, our SERVPRO's trained and certified IICRC technicians and owners, have offered our clients in Cockeysville the customized, cutting edge services they need and deserve. We will alleviate your stressful situation and return you to your home "Like it never even happened."

Locally Owned, with National Resources

We live and work in Cockeysville too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Hunt Valley/Lutherville is close by and ready to respond to your fire damage emergency also in Towson and Lutherville. We are proud to be an active member of the Cockeysville community. We are close by, call for assistance. (410) 229-0012

What To Do With Belongings After Water Damage

6/25/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage What To Do With Belongings After Water Damage Professional help to restore belongings to original state

If your Towson, MD, home has experienced water damage, salvaging your valuable belongings should be dealt with quickly. Any water in your home resulting from a flood, severe storm, broken pipe, or a leaking roof or window can lead to significant damage to your household items. Whether you are concerned for your everyday tools or sentimental keepsakes, your objects will benefit from quick action to preserve whatever possible.

Salvaging Your Water-Damaged Belongings

It’s important to quickly take stock of affected items if damage from water in your home has recently threatened your possessions. Follow these tips to recover items as best as possible:

• If objects are still wet, rinse with clear water first. You can also wipe off dry debris with a soft cloth or brush. This prevents any remaining debris or silt from further harming your items.

• Whenever possible, allow objects to air-dry indoors. Avoiding sunlight can help prevent warping and buckling of many materials.

• Air-dry photographs, documents, and books for best ventilation and recovery. Papers are very fragile when wet – be sure to handle important documents carefully and utilize indirect airflow to dry.

• Airflow and quality is important while recovering your items. Use open windows, fans, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers to your advantage while drying out your belongings. Also, be sure to preclude any mold or mildew from growing in the space. If you have visible mold growth, clean it with a disinfectant to prevent further growth and moisture in the air.

• If there are metal objects that have been exposed to flood water, wash with clear water and dry with a clean cloth as soon as you’re able.

• For clothing and other textiles, dry cleaning is often the most effective method of preservation. Air dry first and take to a professional soon.

Get Help From a Professional

With quick action, many objects can be saved and restored to their original state. It is possible, unfortunately, that some items may be damaged beyond repair after a natural disaster. It is always a good idea to contact a restoration specialist or professional conservator to help treat damaged goods while recovering from water in your home.

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4 Common Causes of Water Damage to Commercial Properties

6/18/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial 4 Common Causes of Water Damage to Commercial Properties Water damage can happen anytime in your commercial property

As a business owner in Towson, MD, you take great pride in your company. You have property insurance and conduct regular maintenance. Although you do everything right, sometimes problems arise. From a toilet overflow to a broken pipe, know the four common causes that may have your property under water and how to handle them:

1. Toilet Overflow

A toilet blockage or tank malfunction causes the water in the bowl to rise and overflow. The damage is easily contained when noticed right away by turning off the water valve on the toilet. However, with a commercial property you are not always notified as soon as the problem occurs. Rather, a regular cleaning of the restroom may reveal significant contaminated water flooding the facility.

2. Broken Pipe

At your property, a pipe may burst suddenly or a gradual leak may occur. Bursting pipes typically result from water expanding when the pipe freezes and could quickly cause flooding. Leaks usually happen due to age or degradation of the pipe and may slowly damage your property over time.

3. Supply Line Breaks

A water main often breaks due to corrosion of the pipe over time or extreme change in temperature. Although not specifically on your property, this type of damage can cause flooding at your business and in the street and surrounding areas.

4. Fire Sprinklers

A sprinkler system is an excellent way to prevent fire damage. However, sprinklers may accidentally activate if not maintained properly. In this case, turn off the water to the sprinkler system as soon as possible to prevent the need for additional water repair.

Regardless of the cause, water damage can cause significant problems to your business in Towson, MD. There are two important actions to take when a broken pipe or other malfunction wreaks havoc to your property. First, call a water restoration specialist to assess the damage, make a plan and restore your premises to preloss condition. Second, call your insurance agent, as water damage is typically covered under your commercial property policy.

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Cleaning Up Your Business After a Flood

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Cleaning Up Your Business After a Flood Commercial Flooding in Towson, Maryland

Floods are dangerous and unpredictable, and they rarely recede without leaving their mark. The problem is that floodwater isn’t usually clean water – it can be filled with sewage, termed “black water” – and is not always easy to clean up. Whether from a storm, a busted pipe or a sewage overflow, facing the aftermath of a flood is never fun for any business.

If you’re worried about flooding in your Towson, MD, business, then it’s important to become familiar with some of the basics of content cleaning after such an event, such as what can be disinfected and restored, and what must be thrown away.

What To Throw Away?

Unfortunately, not everything survives a flood. Some things simply have to go. Here is a list of items that often need to be disposed of during the content cleaning process.

• Porous materials – contaminated wood, drywall, insulation
• Medication and food
• Furniture made with veneer or upholstery
• Carpeting and rugs
• Books

What To Keep?

Not everything in your business will likely be destroyed by contaminated floodwaters. While these tips can help you identify what can be saved, a content cleaning service can certainly help to speed things along. Here is a list of salvageable items that can potentially be sanitized and restored.

• Nonporous items – objects made of metal, glass, porcelain, hard plastic, silver, etc.
• Photographs
• Carpeting (only if floodwater is not contaminated)
• Wood furniture (if not soaked for too long)
• Appliances – heating, air conditioning, air ducts and vents
• Textiles, linens and clothing

What To Do After?

Although some items will need to be discarded and others can be restored, it’s important to remember that the best mitigation measure your business can take is to prevent disasters before they have the chance to happen. Whether you’ve suffered flooding already or are just planning ahead, it may be worth upgrading your business’s infrastructure so that it is more prepared for floods, storms and sewage overflows in the future.

Take measures to prevent a flooding from happening to your commercial building. However, if black water does enter the premises, take note of what can be saved and what must be thrown away when cleaning up afterwards.

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